How to Look Amazing in Your New Designer Dress

How to Look Amazing in Your New Designer Dress

Whether you are attending a wedding, gala, or other significant events this summer, you want to look great. That begins with choosing the perfect designer dress, but fashion is individual, personal, and subjective. This means the ideal dress will not be the same for most people. The best advice out there is is to decide on a dress that reflects your style and personality.

Gorgeous Gown

Designs that Catch Your Eye

Fashion gives us an opportunity to express personality, beauty, and creativity. A quick browse through a rack of designer dresses reveals that there are many options and tastes. Looking great on the day of your event or party is about finding the look that speaks to you and your style.

It is so easy to look for a particular style of dress. In many cases, this will be dictated by the event itself. Invitations, tickets, or venue websites can guide you to the right level of formality and sophistication required for an event. For example, if an event is at 8:00 pm and the invitation states it is black-tie only, you will likely want to choose a long, elegant gown, rather than a short party dress or casual cocktail designer dress.

Some of the right and top designers create gorgeous evening gowns for the biggest events on your social calendar. Gucci, Dolce and Gabbana, Elie Saab, and Caroline Herrera all have floor-length, evening gowns in their collections for summer 2017.

By contrast, most weddings are more casual. You want to have looked all differently and also is collected and organised, but not over the top. In this case, you want to find a designer dress that is fun, but not overly revealing. Michael Kors, Kate Spade, Alice + Olivia, Marc Jacobs, and Nicole Miller are a few designers that create the great cocktail dresses for a night out. Avoid the dresses that are too short or too flashy, as this is a day for the bride and groom.

Designer wedding dress

Lastly, party dresses are often short and sometimes shocking. These designer dresses are going to make you the centre of attention and show off some skin. This could make a great idea and choice are going for a night out with your friends or on a big night out. A few designers that do this style of dress well and include many party dresses in their collection are Balmain, Free People, BCBG, Michael Kors, and Diane Von Furstenberg.

More than Just a Dress

The dress is often the focal point of an outfit, but any good fashionista can tell you that a successful look includes much more than simply choosing a designer piece. The dress needs some support. You also need to incorporate the right accessories, such as jewellery, footwear, and makeup.

It is all in Your Head

Woman wearing designer jewellery

Keep in mind that looking great in your designer dress is mostly about mindset. The women who look gorgeous and beautiful at an event are those who feel comfortable, sexy, and confident in their look. They must have chosen a dress that fits their body type shows off their best features and fits their style. When you try on designer dresses, go for those that will give you the same confidence, and ignore the dresses that do not make you feel confident stepping into a crowded room.

Jewellery should complement, not overtake your chosen designer dress. It is an excellent opportunity to create balance. For example, if your dress is colourful, bright, and attention grabbing, then your jewellery should be straightforward and sparse. On the contrary, if your dress is soft and sophisticated, you will want to look for jewellery that draws the eye and adds flair to your outfit. Creating this balance is one of the pinnacles of good fashion.

Designer shoes

Your choice of shoes is just as crucial. You want the colour and style to complement your dress, not detract from its impact. That means looking for footwear that is fitting for the occasion and consistent with the lines and colour of the dress. The most important considerations when choosing footwear is whether to wear a high heel and how great. Your hemline should dictate this. A longer dress will look best with a higher heel and open toe. Whereas, the decision to wear a high-low cocktail dress could look better with a kitten heel or pump.

Footwear can also be an opportunity to have some fun with your fashion. If your designer dress is a neutral tone or black, wearing colourful shoes can complete the look or be the wow factor you need to look awesome in your designer dress. Be confident to try all jewellery and footwear before the day of your event; a spin in the mirror can reveal what you love or hate about a look at wearing it in front of all your friends.

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