About Us

The ASIX is a part of global community, a ‘network in networks’ bringing together thinkers and practitioners in social innovation. Meeting online or in person, the main aim is to get connected.

Soon, we will contact you to pitch ideas for social innovation.

Wanted are ideas which have the power to enact social innovation in Skills and Employement, Independent and Healthy ageing, Making cities more liveable and sustainable.

Develop a capacity that didn’t exist some time recently


Exhibit an entrepreneurial ability to profoundly comprehend an issue distinguish an unforeseen arrangement

Keenly abuse person to person communication or other innovative abilities as a major aspect of the arrangement

Sell out a talent for interfacing and teaming up

Begin from the reason that change must be feasible and make new open door

Think outside the box of what is conceivable

Advantage the more extensive group by making positive social change